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Striving towards the preservation of the Dingle Peninsula.

We are on a journey as an award winning family run business in the heart of the community striving towards the preservation of the Dingle Peninsula and working towards putting regenerative practices in place as a long term strategy to ensure we preserve our local place for the next generation. 

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CE4RT program participant with MTU and DPTA.

Currently our company are one of the 80 SME’s participating in the CE4RT programme ~ in partnership with MTU and Dingle peninsula Tourism Alliance. 

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SME Participation

CE4RT Project Overview

The focus of the CE4RT project is to provide tourism SMEs with the tools to implement regenerative practices as a long-term strategy within their region and to contribute to the continued resilience, viability and competitiveness of the industry. 80 SMEs from across the network will be chosen to participate in this project and will be provided with a suite of knowledge and training based on the specific needs and the readiness stage in the sustainable journey. 

This will be achieved through a range of activities such as training seminars, mentoring, coaching, community events and familiarisation trips (for selected SMEs). 

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About CE4RT

Circular Economy For
Regenerative Tourism

Ce4rt seeks to provide financial and business support to a minimum of 80 tourism smes (16 per country) through a programme with the following objectives:

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